The Effective Director Masterclass

"Achieving excellence at board level"


To join a board of directors is a great honour. But it involves responsibilities and exposes you to risks. That's why you need this internationally proven comprehensive programme.

"Achieving Excellence at Board Level"

Gain knowledge, skills and awareness to become effective as a director and make a positive contribution at board level

Practical multi-media training programme delivered in easy access modules

Director Behaviour | Board Processes | Governance | Strategy | Decision Making

Designed for new and aspiring directors, established directors, governance professionals

Your mentor


Richard Winfield helps directors and boards become more effective by clarifying goals, improving communication and applying good corporate governance.


The Effective Director Masterclass is based on live workshops he has delivered internationally, updated as knowledge, regulation and best practice evolve.


Your Masterclass subscription includes membership of Richard's 90-day mentoring group, with monthly meetings and personal support.

Learn from anywhere


The Effective Director Masterclass provides you with distance learning modules to study in your own time, and at your own pace - supplemented with personal support from the author.


With audio, video and print components they appeal to all learning styles - and support those for whom English is not your first language.

The challenge of time


I recognise that for a busy executive like you, developing your knowledge can be a chore if it requires setting aside extensive special study times. And it can be counter productive to try to absorb too much information all at once.


That's why this Masterclass has been designed in chunks of no more than 20 minutes - they can be consumed while you take a coffee break, in the car or on the train. And with audio visual and print components, they appeal to all learning styles.


Features To Make Your Progress Easy

Small Chunks

Our resources for board directors are designed in small chunks so that you can learn over a cup of coffee or when travelling to or from work.


Our resources for directors are available as multi-media, in print, audio and video formats so they appeal to any learning style.

Timed Delivery

The CPD for Board Directors programmes are delivered on a regular basis, so you are reminded to learn in small chunks.

Becoming a director


Joining a board for the first time can be a big step. It requires a different mindset, new skills, a new identity and changed relationships.


Suddenly, you can be exposed to new language, new ideas and new assumptions; some things not taught even on MBA courses.


The Effective Director Masterclass provides a comprehensive and practical introduction to directorship, governance, decision making and strategy to support you in your career.

Who is this course for?

​Managers who aspire to become directors

Directors, consultants and executives who want to become Non-Executive Directors

Established directors who wish to review their competence and improve their knowledge

Company secretaries and governance professionals who support boards of directors

Join this e-course to: -

Prepare for appointment as a director or NED

Become a confident and effective director, able to challenge and contribute at board level

Understand the functions of a board and the roles and responsibilities of directors

Master board processes and best practice 

Apply good corporate governance

Improve strategic thinking and decision making skills

Recognise regulation and reporting responsibilities

Build a solid foundation of knowledge and skills as the basis for a successful career as a director

  • Become a confident and effective director, able to challenge and contribute at board level
  • Understand board processes and best practice 
  • Apply good corporate governance
  • Master strategic thinking and decision making skills
  • Recognise regulation and reporting responsibilities

"In the maze of all the articles and literature on effective and practical corporate governance I was looking for I discovered the Essential Director Masterclass series by Richard Winfield. That ended my search. Practical, simple and relevant for different categories of governance practitioners. Richard understands corporate governance and how it should be practised. His delivery is to the point and easy to understand.


I recommend the Essential Director Masterclass to all"

Marian Barnor, Lawyer, Ghana

What you get


This continually expanding set of 40+ videos is accompanied by a comprehensive A4 bound workbook that is also available for you to down load.


Study the programme in your own time and then refer to individual modules when you need to revise your knowledge or prepare for a particular event.


You can watch the whole programme – and then return to individual modules to revise and review. Just what you need to bring yourself up to speed quickly.

Personalised certificate on completion

The video programme includes

1. Introduction

  • Why become a director?

2. Directors and boards

  • What is a company
  • Board structure
  • Types of director
  • Committees
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • The non-executive director
  • Building a better board

3. Corporate governance


  • History of corporate governance
  • Corporate governance for smaller companies
  • UK Corporate governance codes
  • Reporting regulations
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Board performance and director evaluation
  • Best practice

4. Performing as a director

  • Exposure to risk
  • Before you accept a directorship
  • Becoming a director
  • Practical challenges
  • Legal duties of a director


5. Effective meetings

  • Meetings
  • Chairmanship
  • Role of the company secretary


6. Company finance

  • Sources of finance
  • Financial control measures


7. Strategy

  • Strategy planning
  • Performance measures
  • Managing risk
  • Investment risk
  • Corruption


8. Relations with stakeholders

  • Communication with stakeholders
  • Statutory requirements


90-day Mentoring Programme

Monthly meet-up with formal presentation and follow-up group discussion

Personal access to Richard Winfield for sounding board and support


Webinars Archive

Immediate access to our archive of Webinars on Wednesdays


Virtual Board Meeting

You can download this powerful instruction programme and simulation


Swipe Files

For more than thirty years I have been collecting ideas, developing handouts for clients and designing questionnaires.


The Directors, Boards and Governance folder includes more than 40 downloadable files, sorted into the following categories:

  • Appraisal Forms
  • Director Development
  • Corporate Governance

Buy now 

Purchase The Effective Director Masterclass today for £750.00, or three payments of £295, and you can immediately download the resources you need.

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